Google Maps API expects marker icons to have a shadow and for these shadows to simulate a particular lighting angle. If the marker shadow is done correctly, the shadow of the infoWindow will fall at the corresponding point to where it is placed on the marker icon. If you use a custom marker icon, generating an appropriate shadow image can be a bit of a pain. This tool makes it easy.

Note: you can use this tool easily and automatically, just by using a custom icon in GMapEZ and not specifying a shadow image. However, your map will load faster if you use the form below manually, copy the shadow to your server, and refer to it directly from your GMapEZ HTML.

Simply enter the URL to your custom marker image below. The URL must be accessible from the Internet. The shadow is generated based solely on the transparency of the icon, so you'll get the best results by providing a 24-bit PNG with alpha. If you provide a JPG, for example, your shadow will always look like it was cast by a rectangle.

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