Dear GMapEZ User:

I'm happy to provide GMapEZ free of charge for anyone to use. However, creating it has required quite a bit of work on my part, and as Google continues to change their API the work will probably never be done.

If you feel that GMapEZ has increased the value of your site or services, please consider sending me a little gift. If you are using GMapEZ as an employee, please consider having your employer make a donation. Use whichever link on the right is most convenient for you.

If you're using GMapEZ for personal projects that generate no revenue for you, please feel no obligation to send me any money.

But whether you're willing to donate money or not, you can help improve GMapEZ for everyone by asking relevant questions and helping fix people's problems on the discussion group, and by including the Powered By GMapEZ logo on pages that use GMapEZ (see below). Hopefully doing this will help even more people to easily put maps on their pages.

Thanks to all of you who have already donated your time and money to GMapEZ.


Via PayPal:

$20 via Google Wallet:
Google Wallet

To put the "powered by" logo on your page, just copy this block of HTML:

<a href=""><img
alt="Powered By GMapEZ"
style="width:73px;height:25px;border:none;" /></a>
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